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Online Instructional Strategies That Work

Exclusive Providers of Marzano e-Learning Instructional Strategies

Introducing our virtual PD bundles, curated by experts and designed to help you adapt and apply Marzano strategies in a virtual or hybrid environment. All PD sessions are live, virtual, and certified by the leading researcher in education – Dr. Robert J. Marzano.

PD topics include:

  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Standards-Based Planning
  • Monitoring for Learning
  • Virtual Evaluations
  • And more

When it comes to e-learning, we stand by you with over 20 years’ experience in rigorous core instruction, building great rapport and providing feedback. Together, we can do great things.

Live Virtual Professional Development Bundles

PD for Social Emotional Learning

Teachers: Pardon Me, Your SEL Conditions Aren’t Showing (1 hour)
Leaders: Providing SEL Savvy Teacher Feedback (1 hour)
Building Classrooms of Community Through a SEL Lens Within Teacher Evaluation  (3 hours)

5 Hours

Teacher evaluation should capture all that educators practice for effective instruction. In a virtual or socially distanced environment, social-emotional learning is crucial. We have a specially curated teacher and leader package that will provide guidance to start this journey and you can complete it in one hour!

One Day to Be E-Learning Ready

Standards-Based Planning (3 hours)
Identifying Critical Content (3 hours)
Conditions for Learning (3 hours)

9 Hours

This school year will bring new challenges but leveraging the instructional strategies within your Marzano Evaluation Model doesn’t need to be one of them. Give us one day and we will guide your teachers to reframe their knowledge in three strategies for virtual application.

Three Ways to Amplify Rigor in Three Hours! K-5 and 6-12 Tracks

Helping Students Examine Reasoning (1 hour)
Helping Students Revise Knowledge (1 hour)
Helping Students Engage in Cognitively Complex Tasks (1 hour)

3 Hours

Do your teachers feel confident in raising the level of rigor during virtual instruction? Using your Marzano Evaluation model, we will provide three strategies in three hours leaving teachers encouraged and ready to challenge students! These sessions can be delivered by grade level spans.

4 Strategies to Ensure Students are Learning Virtually

Monitoring for Learning (2 hours)
Helping Students Revise Knowledge (2 hours)
Using Questions to Help Students Elaborate on Content (3 hours)
Helping Students Engage in Cognitively Complex Tasks (2 hours)

9 Hours

With so much uncertainty surrounding this school year, we want to share good news: virtual and hybrid instruction doesn’t have to change the strategies you know work! Let us highlight four Marzano Evaluation strategies through the lens of virtual instruction to help your teachers get this year started with more confidence and ensure students are meeting desired effects.

4 Strategies to Ensure Students are Learning Virtually

Successful Teacher Evaluation Virtually Anywhere (1 hour)
How Administrators Can Give Feedback that Doesn’t Sound Like Evaluation (2 hours)

3 Hours

Fair virtual evaluation is possible, and you already possess the framework you need as a Marzano Evaluation client. Our experts will provide you with guidance to virtually observe teachers and provide actionable feedback that elevates their growth.

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Excellent work and great training – I appreciated the real-world suggestions of what works. I think this will lead to more active engagement. Very cool!

High School TeacherKansas City, MO

Thank you for providing the opportunity for the team to interact and practice using the e-learning tools. Fantastic presentation!

TeacherLakeland, FL