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Where Evaluation & PD intersect.

Where Evaluation & PD intersect.

Why the Marzano Evaluation Center?

  • We are the #1 solution for teacher and leader evaluation and continuous growth.
  • We specialize in deep implementation of teacher growth systems, with the goal of increased student achievement.
  • We help you develop your teachers and leaders, because every student benefits when every teacher and leader is continuously growing.
  • We know that you share that goal.
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What Educators Are Saying

The Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model really activates teachers to think about their practice and growing as professionals. It helps us instill that kind of thinking—that we’re all constantly striving for growth and creating the right environment for it.

Sara MalinePrincipal, Arizona School for the Arts

We love the fact that the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model allows us to align multiple elements to a single quality standard—and in a state like Colorado—where you have multiple quality standards—that’s a huge help.

Mike PickeringSuperintendent, District 49 Zone, CO

We’re excited by the possibilities for teacher and student growth thanks to the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model and its support for standards-based classrooms.

Lucinda KelleyDeputy Superintendent, Hendry County District Schools, FL