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Teacher Evaluation

Research-Based Instructional Strategies Increasing Student Achievement

Cultivate a Culture of Exceptional Teaching

The Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model streamlines current research and validation studies—zeroing in on 23 essential teacher competencies for improved clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

For each strategy, the model incorporates a focus statement and desired effect, plus sample instructional techniques and strategies for impacting student outcomes.

The Focused Teacher Evaluation Model empowers forward-thinking leaders to move beyond compliance and cultivate a culture of exceptional teaching that drives sustainable districtwide gains in student achievement.

Female teacher smiling in classroom - focused teacher evaluation model concept

Learn more about the Focused Teacher Evaluation Model (FTEM)

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The Focused Teacher Evaluation Model is Collaborative

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Teachers become partners on their students’ learning journeys rather than mere imparters of information.

Evidence-Based Teacher Evaluation and Growth

  • Rigorous, standards-based instruction focused on student outcomes
  • Research-based instructional framework for scaffolding complex student skills
  • Leading indicators enable leaders to give actionable teacher feedback and impact learning faster
  • Empowered teacher growth with robust tools and resources
  • Alignment to state academic standards through data-driven evaluation 

What Makes the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model Different from Traditional Models?

For information about our professional learning opportunities for teachers and observers on the Focused Teacher Evaluation Model, refer to pages 4-8 in Our Catalog

Designed to Drive Improvement

The design of this evidence-based model focuses teachers’ attention on specific instructional practices shown to correlate with student academic achievement.

The framework identifies 23 professional and instructional strategies, divided into four areas of expertise to measure teacher effectiveness:

  • Standards-Based Planning
  • Standards-Based Instruction
  • Conditions for Learning
  • Professional Responsibilities

The protocols list specific desired effects for each strategy and sample teacher and student evidence aligned to standards-based teaching and learning.

Teachers develop expertise as their performance is evaluated against specific criteria, alignment to standards, and student evidence of learning.

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